Four Heavy Duty Shelf Clips for SABA Refrigerators & Freezers

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Four heavy duty shelf clips designed for SABA refrigerators and freezers.

These clips are compatible with all SABA refrigerator and freezer models including:

  • Solid Door Upright Refrigerators: S-23R, S-47R, S-72R
  • Glass Door Upright Refrigerators: S-23RG, S-47RG, S-72RG
  • Glass Door Merchandising Refrigerators: SM-13R, SM-23R, SM-45R, SM-45RS, SM-72R
  • Solid Door Upright Freezers: S-23F, S-47F, S-72F
  • Glass Door Upright Freezers: S-23FG, S-47FG
  • Glass Door Merchandising Freezers: SM-13F, SM-23F, SM-45F
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